Self Care

I wouldn't call self-care a trend but it is something that a lot more people (more so women in my opinion) are paying more attention to and acting on. Someone reading this blog post may be looking at their phone or laptop screen saying in their head, "What the hell is this whole self-care movement, and what the heck does self care even really mean?!".

Self-care is any activity that you do voluntarily that helps you maintain your physical, mental, and/or emotional health. Personally, I love that self-care is "trending" because it is something that everyone could stand to incorporate into their lifestyle for a better wellbeing. I started getting more into self-care practice right after I left my first corporate job back in 2014. I had a job where I was working 50+ hours a week and although some of my coworkers were easy to get along with and we had fun office outings, that wasn't enough to keep me happy and sane . . . I still wanted to live my life and not just be limited to living my life on the weekends. 

Overtime I became depressed, ate crappy food at work, came home after work and would get straight in the bed, and probably gained close to 20 pounds . . . I don't think I really knew who I was anymore but I knew I wasn't myself and I definitely knew I wasn't happy.  One thing about me, once I know I'm for sure not happy I am all about making a change and getting rid of whatever is not making me happy. 

When I left that job I started getting more into fitness and working out, eating healthier foods, and discovering what I enjoy by opening myself up to new things. . . slowly but surely I started coming back to life all through self-care. 

So how can you practice self-care?

  • Exercising - Working out shouldn't feel like a chore, try a new class and figure out what workouts or fitness class you enjoy doing. My favorite way to break a sweat is in a SoulCycle class or taking a hot pilates class. 
  • Pamper Yourself - That weekly or bi weekly mani | pedi you get? Yep, that's part of self- care! Even if you don't have the coins to go to the nail salon, have some quiet time at home and light some candles and put on whatever music relaxes you and have a DIY mani | pedi night for yourself. At home facials are my go-to self-care practice when it comes to pampering myself. 
  • Journaling - I am actually not big on journaling as once of my self- care practices but I do keep a prayer journal that I strive to write in daily. Growing up and still to this day my mother has always been big on journaling and I see how this self-care practice can be therapeutic and calming for many. 
  • Meditation and/or Prayer - I find that the power of both are powerful. I just recently got into meditation last year and attended The Den Meditation regularly. Attending different meditation classes, workshops, and restorative yoga classes really shifted my mood and way of thinking and when I paused my practice I noticed a change in my overall being and that's when I knew that meditation practice has been a positive factor in my life. 
  • Eliminating Toxic People / Things From Your Life - You owe it to yourself to be selfish with you happiness, meaning that it is perfectly acceptable to disconnect yourself from that "friend" or "significant other" that has been creating unhappiness and distress in your life ( After you have communicated your feelings to that person and attempted to come to a resolve on how you may be able to salvage the relationship of course, if there was no fix then it's time to nix them from your life and choose happy! 

If you're in the Los Angeles are you can also attend my self-care sessions, "Sweet Life Sundays" one Sunday a month. Stay connected by following @sweetlifesundays on Instagram and clicking "subscribe" on the blog!

How do you practice self-care? Share in the comments below!



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