How to Travel Like A Jesetter

I have found that many people wonder how I travel as often as I do and how I am able to afford to go to some of the places that I have been to. During my college days I was blessed to go on trips with my best friend every summer after finishing up my dreaded summer classes, being able to get away every summer triggered my travel bug. It was awesome, I was island hopping with one of my best friends every summer touring the carribbean (we went to Turks and Caicos before the Rick Ross verse, the Caymen Islands which was one of my favorite islands along with St. Lucia, of course Jamaica was always a fun trip, and do not even get me started on the flying fish sandwich from Barbados!) 


After I graduated college, the all expense paid trips took a pause as I ventured off into the real "Real World" where I had to get a big girl job and find out where I was going to take my life next. All of that didn't stop me from wanting to travel, I still did...but on my own dime and budget. 

Here are some of the ways I "Jet Set On A Budget"


Sign up for emails/alerts with "The Flight Deal" & email notifications from "Flyer Talk"

Of course you should create accounts with each airline you fly to rack up your frequent flyer miles, these miles do add up and it doesn't cost you anything to create an account!

If you aren't in debt or looking to build your credit why not apply for a credit card with travel rewards - I have the Southwest Rapid Rewards Card (be sure to do your research before applying to any attention to interest and APR rates/annual fees)

Travel Noire is a great email list to subscribe to and social media account to follow to be in the know of any deal or travel advice

Priceline, Expedia, and Orbitz are great when shopping for the lowest prices on flights and hotel rates

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are generally the cheapest days to fly domestic

If you have flexibility or you are just looking to get away, BOOK IN ADVANCE ... some studies have shown booking about 7 weeks in advance was on average the optimal time to buy plane tickets (this can vary depending where and when your traveling) You will pay a higher fare if you book 2 weeks or less when traveling. I try to book in advance as much as possible because it gives me ample time to set spending money aside and get a good deal on a hotel or AirBnB. 

Book on a Tuesday 3pm Eastern time - Studies have shown this is the best time to buy airline tickets and book domestic travel

Get a refund when prices go down-  Some sites like will track flights for you after you purchase and notify you if fares go down. has "Best Price Guarantee" this entitles you to money back if you find your itinerary for less on another website

My last tip is just really shop around and don't settle for the first price unless its absolutely a steal! And if booking through a third party like Expedia always search for a promo/coupon code before buying (This applies to hotels as well, always search for a promo code or call and ask if they have promotions going on). 

Happy Travels,


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