Sunday Funday: Toca Madera

Toca Entrance.JPG

Happy "Sweet Life Sunday"! Today I went to Toca Madera in West Hollywood to celebrate my girlfriend Robin's birthday. I've been to Toca Madera a handful of times but only for dinner or happy hour so I was excited to see what their brunch would be like. Toca Madera (fun fact
: the name translates to "knock on wood"
) serves traditional Mexican cuisine with a twist. I love that the restaurant uses farm sourced ingredients and puts an emphasis on organic as well as vegan options, there's something for everyone here and I don't feel bad while I'm indulging because the food is delicious!

 Their brunch menu definitely has a nice variety which I loved, I went with the churro waffle (it was every-thing!) and Robin got the chicken and waffles with a side of eggs. I always get a cocktail when dining at Toca, though most of their drinks are made with tequila you can substitute it for whichever liquor you prefer. I switched it up today and ordered the "Adios Felicia" instead of a traditional mimosa, I substituted the tequila for vodka instead and it was delicious!

On a scale from 1-10 I will give my brunch experience at Toca Madera at 7. The food was great, the service was a little on the slow side, the ambiance is nice and this is a trendy place which I like (ya know, one of those see and be seen type of spots which is cool sometimes), but as far as the service goes it wasn't spectacular. However, the prices were good and the food and drinks were delicious. Here's a tip, always make a reservation when dining here (unless you're going for happy hour) I usually just use Open Table to place a reservation I find it to be a quicker process.

Oh, how could I forget . . . their epic photo booth! Robin and I stayed in their photo booth for a good ten minutes, grab your squad before leaving and take some dope pics!


I'm looking for new brunch spots to try, what is your favorite brunch spot?