Color Camp - New Cruelty Free Nail Salon in Los Angeles


Last week (Edit: I started writing this blog post July 24th and waited to see how my hard gel manicure would hold up to provide a more honest review).  I had the pleasure of getting my nails done at Color Camp,  LA's new cruelty free and super modern manicure bar. When approached with the invite to try out the  manicure only salon (so no acrylics or pedicures at this salon), I immediately said yes after visiting their website and learning that the salon's approach to a great manicure is starting with a thoughtful approach to the health of your nails by only using cruelty free nail polishes and products (including 7-Free nail polishes by brands like NCLA and gel colors by the Japanese brand Biosculpture which is 5-Free, not tested on animals, AND Vegan!). 


I booked my appointment with Nakira  online and the booking process was simple and seamless which you will notice the same goes for how the salon is run once you go in for your appointment from start to finish. I love when I can just walk into a business and things are just easy breezy. The salon itself is minimalist yet still "Insta-Worthy" with a colorful backdrop to take your selfies with your new manicure making a grand appearance. Located right on Beverly Blvd, across from Erewhon market and around the corner from The Grove it is a perfect location for people watching (if you're into that kind of thing) or to get some shopping done or drinks with your girls.  Oh! How did I forget to mention that they offer you a La Croix while you enjoy your manicure, talk about hospitality and customer service! 

 Snagged this picture of me taking pics in the salon from Jen Matthews of " My Beauty Bunny "

Snagged this picture of me taking pics in the salon from Jen Matthews of "My Beauty Bunny"


For my service I opted for the "Super Gel" option which is said to strengthen nails and promote nail growth, I will tell you that it is about 3 weeks since I have had this super gel manicure and my nails are holding up strong, have definitely grown, and I can't see myself going back from the Super Gel because it fits my lifestyle so well (I workout a lot and lift weights about 2-3 times a week so I need a manicure that will not only last but keep my nails strong as well!). 


For my design I went with the rose quartz design with added rose gold foil on my two ring fingers, the design was perfect for me as it is subtle yet still fun. Nakira is a very knowledgeable manicurist and gave me tips on ways to grow healthier nails and maintain them based on my active lifestyle, I have been moisturizing my cuticles with coconut oil 3-4 times a week since I last saw her! I will be back to Color Camp within the next week before I head to New York to get my super gel manicure steamed off (the salon steams off your gel manicure for removal complimentary if you received your previous manicure from them on your last visit) and a fresh new super gel manicure. 


If you're looking to get not only a beautiful manicure but also a cruelty free and less toxic manicure then I definitely suggest giving Color Camp a try and tell them Jackie Sweet from "The Sweet Life" sent you!