Coachella On A Budget

Festival season is here and if you are like me you are still having Coachella withdraw and already planning for Coachella 2017... or maybe you didn't make it to Coachella at all this year and are slowing getting over FOMO from looking at your friend's and Kylie Jenner's Coachella pics via Instagram. Whatever the case I am here to help you so that you are better prepared for Coachella 2017,  especially if you are on a tight budget! Read the tips below and leave a comment in the comment section if you have a tip or question that I may have missed. 


I purchased a VIP ticket and I will more than likely purchase a VIP ticket again because I don't mind paying to be comfortable especially all weekend BUT if you are on a tight budget GA is more than fine and you will still have just as much fun! Edit - I actually purchased a GA ticket for 2017 . . . because FUNDS!

Round Up Your Coachella Crew

Most festival goers already have their squad lined up and plan to purchase their tickets together if they're lucky. I typically book things immediately when a deal or pre sale is involved and figure out the rest after. Whatever the situation, make sure your Coachella Crew is in formation so that you can start planning and dividing cost so you know how much to budget. Remember, budgeting is a major key to enjoying Coachella Weekend stress free!

To Camp, Glamp, or . . .

Okay so the squad is set, now it is time to figure you where you're going to stay. My Coachella 2016 squad and I rented an Airbnb (click the link for a special discount off of your 1st rental) in Joshua Tree since we kinda waited last minute to book. No matter where you stay book early to avoid inflated rental prices. Our Joshua Tree rental was awesome and we were super comfortable.

Airbnb is a great option if you have a group of 4 or more to split the cost with, looking for comfort, looking to save money by buying food and cooking at the house before hitting the festival , and majority of the houses in Palms Springs and Indio have pools so you and your friends can chill out and pre game the right way.

Overnight is also a new app that hit the scene this festival season, I believe the app may be more inexpensive than booking an Airbnb (I feel Overnight would be better for a solo festival goer or someone who waited last minute to figure out where they're going to rest their head at 4AM). I haven't used the app Overnight but I don't feel it would be an option to rule out.

Of course you  can always book a hotel but I feel that hotels are expensive when you don't book in advance for Coachella and they're not as fun to stay in. I am not into camping (GLAMPING maybe) but if you are into camping then you should consider this as an option to save some coins. With camping onsite you save money on gas, they have onsite showers but I would imagine long lines for them, load up the cooler and you're good to go!

How Are You Going To Get There?

Tickets are purchased. Crew is picked. The crib is set. Everything seems to be falling into place but how are you going to get there? If you live in SoCal this is probably at the bottom of your list of worries but for the hundreds and thousands of our friends from around the world whom we have yet to meet they will literally have to cross mountains to get to Palm Springs. My friends flew in from New Jersey, we rented a SUV and went straight to Palm Springs right after grabbing In-N-Out for the road. 

If you are in LA or flying into LAX (because it is usually more expensive to fly into Palm Springs) you may want to consider taking the Amtrak train into Palm Springs if you fly in on Thursday or earlier to really save money if you have the time. If you have a group of 4 or more I feel it is cheaper to split a rental car and gas money. 

Festival Style . . . Duh!

Festival Fashion is my favorite part about Coachella besides the music and the amazing food that is of course Instagram worthy. I truly believe that you make the outfit, the outfit does not make you which means you don't have to spend a ton of money to look like a million bucks.

I mixed pieces from Forever 21, $1 thrift store finds, farmers market vendor finds, and threw in some pieces that I already owned. I LOVE Nasty Gal as well, their festival fashion never disappoints and they have some reasonably priced pieces on their site

So How Much Money Do I Need? 

Great question! Honestly this number depends on whats are your "must haves" while you're at the festival...

Are you going to buy a couple drinks at the bar on the festival grounds every day or are you going to pregame before you go and get 2 beers or a cocktail each day?

Are you going to eat 3 meals while you're out there and ice cream sandwiches at Afters each night?

Are you getting souvenirs and getting on the Ferris Wheel?

Realistically, if you are going on a budget I say that spending $100 - $150 a day at the festival alone is doable and realistic enough for you to still enjoy yourself. Factor in LQ for pre-gaming, groceries you'll purchase for wherever you're staying at, and gas to get to and from the camp grounds (depending on how many people you're splitting the cost with this number will vary) you should be looking at $400-450 for the weekend.

Have Fun!

Coachella is amazing! Take it all in, live in the moment, put your phone down, catch the vibes, and rock out with your friends. . . then look up and take a few selfies and group photos in front of the La Grande Wheel (the iconic ferris wheel).  Don't forget to make new friends, majority of the people who are attending Coachella are super friendly, people at the festival actually say "excuse me" when passing you in a large crowd (I was amazed lol)! What are some of your Coachella tips?